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It’s not often that I have time to personally write to our Springfree community.  But at this time of year, I can’t help be inspired to share a recent experience with all of you.

During this time of thanksgiving I like to reflect on what I am most thankful for. And family is certainly at the top of my list. At Springfree we use the word family a lot. We think of our employees, customers and fans as part of our extended family and we are thankful to them for believing in us as we work to make backyards safer.

Recently I received a wonderful message from someone who met my youngest daughter on a trip from Texas to Toronto.   I am taking the time to share this exchange with you, members of our Springfree family, because it is interactions like these that continue to inspire me and our organization.

Hi, my name is Reverend Dr. Jim Bowden. I am a United Methodist minister, and live in Frisco, Texas. Last Sunday, my son and I left Dallas to make our first trip to Toronto. I sat next to the most delightful young lady named Katie. I do not know the names of her parents, but hope this message will somehow find its way to them. I want to commend them for doing such an outstanding job raising a beautiful person. She is very personable, intelligent, and visionary. I enjoyed learning about the family trampoline company. I live close to one of your stores, and will make it a point to stop in and visit. Katie made a three hour flight seem like a three minute flight. It was one of the most enjoyable conversations I have ever had with someone on an airplane! Congratulations on her engagement, and may God richly bless your company. Respectfully, Jim Bowden

My reply:

Rev. Dr. Bowden, thank you for your kind words regarding Katie and you have found the right Trampoline Company that she is associated with.  Katie is my youngest daughter and she was the primary reason that I started Springfree in the USA and Canada.  In 2002 I was introduced to the idea of a safer backyard trampoline and it didn’t really interest me but I had the very first prototype shipped to my home from New Zealand.  It was set up in the backyard and Katie, who was 12, was waiting with huge anticipation.  She invited 4 friends over; Erin, Hillary, Brittany and Natasha. The 5 of them played for hours and hours.  After the 3rd day I said, "so Katie, what do you think" and she said "it is so cool Dad, it bounces great and feels so smooth and best of all it doesn’t creek.  I just wish it was a little bigger and that when you were in the air you could see the edge better and maybe even if it had a net”.  It was the next day that I invested in bringing Springfree to North America. Katie was right about the product and her observations led to innovations in every one of those areas. For the first 3 years of the company, those 5 girls were the poster kids and travelled around the USA, appeared on the Today Show and appeared on many brochures. Katie’s passion for Springfree hasn’t changed in the last 12 years and I am glad you got to see the mature young woman she has become.  Her mother and I and the entire family are proud of her and are excited that she will be married next March to a wonderful young man who works at Springfree.  Thanks again and who knows, in this small world, maybe I will get the chance to run into you in Frisco one day.  Please drop by the Frisco store and I know Sherri will be glad to greet you and you will see that the enthusiasm for Springfree spreads beyond the family to our employees as well.  I wish you a Joyous Thanksgiving.    Steven D Holmes, CBO (Chief Bouncing Officer)

I would like to wish all of you and your family a Joyous Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

Steven D Holmes, President & CBO

PS: Here’s our Katie and her friends from way back then! 




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