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The St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt is a great family activity that gets everyone outside and working together. This fun game can help mom or dad get the hunt set up and tips for making the experience extra fun.

You will need:

  • Pot – You can use one from your kitchen or pick up a plastic version at the dollar store.
  • Gold – This where you can get creative. Use chocolate coins, treats, or even small change to fill the pot.
  • Printable Clues

Cards Scavenger Hunt St Patricks Printable Photo 420x420 Fs Mg 6615

Setting up the Hunt

  1. Print and cut the clues out.
  2. Hide the clues according to this:
    1. Clue #1: This is the one the hunt starts with; you can leave it outside your kids’ bedrooms or just give it to them with breakfast.
    2. Clue #2: Outside, somewhere that’s easy to find.
    3. Clue #3: Underneath Springfree Trampoline
  3. Hide the pot of gold somewhere in your kitchen. The last clue leads your family back inside and tells them that the pot of gold is definitely in your kitchen, so feel free to put it in a good hiding place.
  4. Have fun with it! Read the clues in your best Leprechaun voice or add your own backstory for Lucky to take the experience to the next level of fun for your kids.

Oh no! Lucky the leprechaun has hidden a pot of gold in your backyard and forgot where he put it. It’s up to you and your family to help him out and find the pot of gold – Maybe he’ll even share it with you! Since there aren’t any rainbows around, lucky he has left a few clues that should lead you to the spot where he lost his treasure.



Clue #1:

I can’t remember where I left my pot of gold,

It might be in a place that’s hot or cold.

I think I left it surrounded by grass,

Hurry! Before it turns into a pot of brass.

Clue #2:

I think I remember, I think I know!

I hide it somewhere that’s really low.

It’s under where you like to bounce,

Just be careful that you don’t pounce

Clue #3:

Okay, I remember exactly where to look,

It’s hidden in the best room to cook.

Since you’ve looked so hard for my pot,

You can keep the treasure, the whole lot!


Share with us some pictures of your kids on their scavenger hunt! We'd love to see them having fun :)


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