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Well apparently we just have to live with it because there is no cure. Irish Scientists have concluded there is no cure for the condition that can make the first trimester of pregnancy miserable.

Crackers Large

The researchers reviewed studies of more than 4000 women who were given common treatments for their nausea but these treatments did very little, with some claiming some treatments made them feel worse!

Have you suffered from Morning Sickness? What helped you?

Some Suggested Remedies:

1. Vitamin B6

2. Antihistamines

3. Acupuncture

4. Acupressure wristbands

5. Eating Crackers, dry toast or rusks about 30 minutes before getting up.

6. Eating Ginger

7. Eating Little or often rather than having two or three big meals a day

8. Antacids, such as Mylanta and Gaviscon

Source: Daily Mail

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