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Its official! Our first ever retail shop is open and alive and it is one great big party here in celebration!

Located in Sydney, Australia this is our foundation retail shop, hopefully the first of many.

After a long couple of days (assisted by many snacks and positive encouragement from our empathetic Facebook fans), and months in the planning we kicked off this morning.

Australian Olympic legend Dawn Fraser is signing autographs after officially ‘cutting the ribbon’ (wrapped around an SF40E trampoline of course), some of the Balmain Tiger boys (that’s a top rugby league team for anyone outside of the Southern hemisphere) are teaching kids to pass the ball, the local trampoline club is performing, and we have prizes galore!

Would you believe that this was once a gas station?? Neither can we.

Better get back to the fun :) If you in the area make sure you pop down for a free snag.

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