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Springfree Trampoline is excited to be partnering with Australian fitness expert Marina Perry-Kuhn this year.


As well as owning several Brisbane-based fitness studios, Marina developed the Lean Mumma exercise and lifestyle program focused on giving mothers healthy new outlooks on life – and lean, healthy bodies to boot. Lean Mumma franchises are spreading throughout Australia and the associated Lean Mumma website hosts an ever-increasing audience of engaged online members.

Marina knows the positive effect jumping on a trampoline has on the body. Her ‘Pure Bounce’ class, performed on rebounders, was the first of its kind in Australia when launched and is still the most popular class on her innovative schedule today. So enthused by the trampoline is Marina that, back in 2009, she helped set a Guinness World Record for the “largest number of simultaneous trampoline jumpers”. She organised some 300 volunteers to jump on separate rebounders at the same time to beat the existing record of 250 jumpers.

Now, Marina has partnered with Springfree Trampoline to promote health and fitness for trampoline owners and enthusiasts.

So many parents buy a trampoline for their kids to play on but don’t realise that it’s actually a brilliant piece of exercise equipment for themselves,” she says. “It’s conveniently located in the backyard, with access at all hours, and did you know that 10 minutes of jumping on the trampoline is equivalent to 30 minutes of cardio?" Now there’s a time saver we all need!


“What I love most about Springfree Trampolines is the quality of the trampoline itself and the safety aspect. No one should workout where any dangers may exist.”

While jumping on the trampoline is an obvious exercise, Marina says there are many other ways to workout with a trampoline by utilising the mat and also the exterior frame, for example. And keeping it fun and interesting in this way always helps keep the motivation levels up.

“There are ways to workout around the trampoline while the kids play on it so you can be killing two birds with one stone by supervising the kids’ play and getting a few exercises in at the same time,” she says.


Marina has developed three main trampoline workouts for Springfree consisting of a number of exercises each:


The Jumping Workout

The Jumping Workout is Marina’s “favourite”. She says it will have participants reverting to their childhood as they combine fitness with fun. In it, she demonstrates the star jump, pike jump, tuck jump and the oblique jump, proving just how quickly a good old fashioned bounce can get the heart rate up quite quickly.

The Ringside Workout

The Ringside Workout is perfect for parents who want to utilise their time to exercise while they also supervise their child on their Springfree Trampoline. The Ringside Workout is performed outside the trampoline and Marina will show you how to use the frame for incline push-ups and the FlexrStep for tricep dips and to ensure correct form for squats.

The Total Body Workout

This workout is performed on the trampoline and utilises the mat as an unstable surface that, as Marina explains, is perfect in forcing the body to recruit muscles. In this Total Body Workout, Marina will demonstrate sumo squats, push ups, the plank, reverse curls and sit ups and reminds participants to enjoy a good stretch at the end of any workout.

So, what do you think? Has Marina got you looking at your Springfree Trampoline somewhat differently now? Are you inspired to get out there and get active? We hope so. Make sure you let us know how you go!


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