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It’s that time of year where being outside is more common than not, and school’s out... HOORAY! What better time than now to spend time with the family doing outdoor activities?

There are tons of things to do during the summer and this list features some of the top outdoor activities my family enjoys.


1. Utilizing the Trampoline. The trampoline is such a versatile creature! There is so much you can do on a trampoline whether’s it just bouncing for exercise, playing games, hanging out and having a picnic or even having a slumber party on the trampoline! Trampolines provide tons of summer fun and are one of the best outdoor activities!


2. Hiking. Hiking is a great outdoor activity for any time of year, but it’s nice to enjoy the sunny views during the summer with your family. It’s a great way to get some exercise in and also teach your kids about nature.


3. Swimming. Swimming is a great way to incorporate some exercise in your days, especially for anyone who might have suffered an injury. It’s relaxing, fun, and it’s great for those in warmer climates looking to cool down. Whether you are a strong swimmer or just like to take a quick dip, it's definitely something you can do as a family.


4. Camping. Camping is a super fun way to spend time together as a family and also get outdoors. You can do all kinds of outdoor activities while you’re camping from hiking to campfire stories. It's a great way to get out in nature and spend some time unplugged.


5. Picnics. Picnics are so fun and a really nice way to change up your normal routine (even on a trampoline). Pack up a basket with some nice sandwiches, chips, and snacks and you’re on your way. Take a blanket, lay it over some grass and have fun. As far as outdoor activities go, this is super simple and a nice way to spend some of your time in the sun.


6. Visit a dog park. This is fun for the whole family, including the furry kids. This activity gets you outdoors and provides exercise for everyone. It's a nice change for the dogs to be able to do something besides walking around the neighborhood and it also is an opportunity to meet new people with similar interests.


7. Visit the lake. If you have a lake nearby, do a little online research and find out the amenities before going. Some offer swim beaches while others have great hiking trails and barbecue grills at the picnic areas. Fishing is a possibility, but be sure to check on licensing laws before you drop a line in. Lakes are really fun, and a nice activity for the whole family.


8. Play a sport! This one is the perfect opportunity to incorporate some exercise and have fun with the whole family. Set up a game of soccer, football, or basketball and get out there and play. It's one of the most common outdoor activities but often looked over. Most parks offer an area to play soccer and basketball so it should be easy to do... all you need is a ball and a few players. With all of these ideas, you're sure to find some fun outdoor activities that are perfect for summertime and all year long!

What are your favorite outdoor activities? Let me know in the comments below!

Author: Heather Smith

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