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We get a lot of people asking for ideas on how they can design their garden around their Springfree™ Trampoline, so we thought what a better time to explore the idea, then when we’re heading to Better Homes & Gardens LIVE in Melbourne. There are so many great ideas you can find when going to one of these garden shows; you are provided with an endless opportunity of designs and materials to experiment with.
Landscaping a backyard is a very personal experience. You are creating your own haven and space where you can express your character and escape in your own little world from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. These days you see so many different landscape designs in home and garden magazines, from whacky and modern, to minimalist and understated to a homely country-feel; all with the personal touch of the owner coming through in their designs. 


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There are endless materials available in the market these days for people to use when landscaping their gardens; you don’t have to stick to traditional pavers and bark. Why not try and be environmentally friendly and embrace recycled materials such as car tires, or old tree stumps? The world is your oyster when you’re designing a backyard!



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Landscaping a backyard can become a little tricky when you have to work around a piece of play equipment, such as a backyard trampoline. A lot of people will make their Springfree a feature piece in their garden. You could have your trampoline setup on decking, or pebbles or even a hard rubber surface. Build your Springfree™ Trampoline into your backyard environment, instead of just placing it in the back corner. We’ve found a few of our favourite child-friendly backyard designs to help inspire you on how you could incorporate your Springfree into your garden.



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We’d love to hear how you have landscaped around your Springfree™ Trampoline and share any ideas you’ve had.


If you’re in Melbourne, you should consider heading over to Better Homes & Gardens LIVE from 3-5 May 2013, to collect some great ideas! You can even have a jump on the world’s safest trampoline and take advantage of our exclusive show offer! 


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