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We spotted this recent post from a “trampoline owner to be” on the Essential Baby Forum and thought that it was a great example of just how passionate Springfree™ Trampoline owners are about their Springfree.


We are tossing up between the Springfree and the regular run of the mill Big W job.

For those who have a Springfree:

Do you think you have/will get your moneys worth out of it?

Are they as safe as what they proclaim?

Are they easy to install yourself?




1: Yes, yes and yes to all!

Very happy and very safe … yes put it up ourselves and probably took an hour or so. I think you can pay extra and have them install it for you.

My DD broke her arm and had to have surgery from falling off one of the normal type tramps. No accidents since we have had the Springfree!

2: Yes Yes and Yes again!!

We won ours and honestly before we had it I would not have spent the money on one when there are the other enclosed style BUT now we have one, there is no way I would consider any other trampoline, if for some reason we needed another, I would not hesitate to purchase a Springfree again.

FANTASTIC and a great place to put crawling bubs while you hang out the laundry LOL

Ours is over 2 years old now and still looks as good as new, still gets jumped on daily and shows no signs of wear and tear.

Can not recommend highly enough.

DO IT you will not regret it one bit.

Oh and they look a hell of a lot nicer too :)

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Thanks for reading – until next time, safe jumping!

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