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We love Halloween at Springfree, so we decided to round up some of our favorite Halloween costumes we've seen this year! Hopefully you'll get some Halloween inspiration, and who knows, your costume might be on our 2015 list.

1. DIY Bag of Jelly Beans


This costume is super cute and easy to put together with some balloons and clear garbage bags. Now if only we could get more jelly beans while trick or treating...

Source: Modern Kiddo


2. Spider-man

28443 Spider Kid On The Railing SHIE

First of all, you gotta love this kid's pose - he's a natural! With all of the new superhero movies, we know you'll see lots of heroic costumes this halloween. There are plenty of DIY and store bought options, but stand out by learning some superhero poses! 

Source: Panda Whale


3. Batgirl

8147876284 B512753cdf H

Now who says superheroes are only for the boys? If your little one wants to be a heroine, you can add some DIY accessories to a store bought boys costume to make it more her style. 

Source: Flickr


4. DIY Rock, Paper, Scissor

Rock Paper Scissors

If you're trick or treating with the whole family, it's super fun to create costumes that go together. We love these rock, paper, scissors DIY costumes (check out those amazing metallic scissor leggings!). 

Source: Costume-Works


5. DIY Lumberjack

IMG 5161

This DIY lumberjack costume is easy to make and a cheap alternative to store bought costumes. Now all you need is to find some trees that need to be cut down! 

Source: Make It Love It


6. DIY Olaf from Frozen

Olaf Halloween Costume

Another popular theme this year is Frozen. After seeing countless Elsa and Anna costumes, it's refreshing to see such a cool DIY Olaf costume. Someone please make a matching Sven! 

Source: Desert Chica


7. Cute Owl

IMG 1717

How adorable would this little owl be jumping on a Springfree? Pick a flying costume, than take some great action shots of your kiddo jumping on a Springfree Trampoline. It'll be a Halloween photo they'll never forget! 

Source: Martin Family Times


We can't wait to see your Halloween costumes! Remember to snap a pic of your family jumping in costume and post it to the Springfree Trampoline Facebook page. 


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