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We love Halloween here at Springfree – the spooks, the scares, the jumps! With all the fun and excitement of Halloween, we want to make sure that every family is safe while they trick-or-treat. Here are our safety tips for the best Halloween night:

  • Always have an adult supervisor with you. We recommend turning trick-or-treat into a group event, going with several neighborhood children or friends and having parents take turns supervising the group. This splits up responsibility of going trick-or-treating and ensures someone is with the kids all night.
  • Plan out your route as a family. With a plan in hand, it’s easier to keep track of the family and where you’re going. That way no one will go missing and you’ll avoid any unsafe areas. Bonus: The kids will get all the candy, without the hassle of wandering around!
  • Don’t go into anyone’s house or backyard (or have an adult with children who do). Even if there are great haunted houses in your neighborhood, this can be safety hazard. Make sure your kids have an adult supervisor who can accompany them into any houses.
  • Be extra careful crossing the street. Trick-or-treating only happens at night and most Halloween costumes are dark and hard to see – which makes it very dangerous to cross busy streets. Be sure to look both ways, use crossing walkways, and keep an adult with younger children.
  • If you have older kids who are trick-or-treating alone, make sure they have a check in plan throughout the night either by texting or stopping back at the house. This is a great way for them to drop off candy bags as well, so they don’t have to carry them around with them all night. It’s a win/win for everyone!
  • Depending on where you live, October 31st can be a chilly night. Keep your area’s climate in mind when you select your Halloween costumes and make sure you can add/remove layers while trick-or-treating. Stay warm and safe!
  • Check all Halloween candy before letting the kids indulge – Be on the look out for homemade snacks, food containing any allergy hazards, and anything that looks suspicious. We recommend eating a big dinner before trick-or-treating so the kids aren’t tempted to grab an early snack before you can check their candy.


Remember to stay safe and trick-or-treat together this Halloween. We hope you all have a safe and spooky time! 


Don't forget to share your Halloween pics with Springfree! We'll be sharing our favorites all night long on Halloween. 


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