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We all know the holidays can be tough for entertaining younger kids. They're out of daycare or school, have little social time with other kids, and might not be able to play outside due to weather. We scoured the web to find the top 5 indoor activities for your kids this holiday season. All of these activities will help burn up their extra energy and will keep them entertained - giving you just enough time to eat those cookies you've been baking in peace!


1. Snowman Slam from Growing a Jeweled Rose | Time Entertained: 1 hour

This frosty game is cheap and simple to put together - Actually, making the game is just as much fun as playing it. Get the younger kids together and decorate plastic cups as snowmen using whatever materials you'd like. Then grab a rubber ball or bean bag. Finally, set up the snowmen cups in a pyramid and take turns toppling them over. You can vary the difficulty for older kids by increasing the distance they need to throw the snowball. 


2. Christmas Bingo from Crazy Little Projects | Time Entertained: 30 minutes

B-I-N-G-O! Everyone loves Bingo and this Christmas version puts a fun holiday spin on the classic game. This game is virtually free - All you have to do is print out the PDF from the website above. You can then use candy as bingo markers. This is a quicker game that might not keep their attention for as long as others, but it's a fun activity for all ages. 

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3. Silver Bells Memory Game from I Can Teach My Child | Time Entertained: 45 minutes

Matching is a fun game for younger children that can help with their cognitive thinking as well. This game is easy to assemble - All you need are a handful of Hershey Kisses or other wrapped candies and a sharpie. Write letters or numbers on the bottom of pairs of candies and hide those on the bottom. Each player takes a turn and tries to match two pairs of candy. After the game is over, everyone is a winner because you get to eat the candy! 

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4. DIY Button Snowflake from Craft For Kids | Time Entertained: 30 minutes

With a handful of craft supplies, you can get your kids creating their own unique button snowflakes. Gather as many buttons as you can (thrift shops are a great option), popsicle sticks, and a glue. You can help younger ones glue the buttons to their popsicle sticks or use button stickers for a similar effect.


5. Homemade Snow PlayDough from One Krieger Chick | Time Entertained: 1 hour

Playdough is a great activity for kids looking for a sensory experience and can provide lots of entertainment for creative little ones. The recipe is simple to create ahead of time and you can easily add cookie cuters and other accessories to keep children entertained for longer. 


We hope you all have a great Christmas and peaceful holiday season.