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Well Mums and Dads… it’s that time… the Springfree that’s hidden away from curious eyes needs to be put together… today! SANTA’S REPUTATION DEPENDS ON IT!

Springfree Christmas Surprise

Before you get started:

It’s all about proper preparation… so put that bottle of Christmas Cheer back in the fridge (trust us… it won’t be pretty) and take note of the following before you get started:

      1.  Don’t leave installation until the last minute

You’ll find it much easier if you still have some daylight and you’re not tired. Allow about two hours.

2.  Send out a cry for help

       Having a friend on hand to help will make installation easier… and much more fun. And of course when you’re done you can both sit back and admire your achievement with a bottle of Christmas cheer!

Celebrate once you've finished installing your Springfree

3. Take a look at how the professionals do it

Our Springfree™ Trampoline inventor Keith Alexander has put together a step-by-step video guide for each model. Have a look at the videos for your model before you start. Each step is just a couple of minutes long and will really help in making sure you get it right first time. Save the link on your phone so you can find it easily once you’ve started.

        4.  Leave the power tools in the shed. Step away from the power tools… and the hammers and the rubber mallets. You’ll only ever need to use the tools provided with your Springfree™ Trampoline.

While you’re putting it together

1.   Have the instructions close by for easy reference

OK we know Dads are not normally into the whole “reading of instructions” thing but take our word for it… read the instructions! Every Springfree™ Trampoline model is different so make sure you’re watching the right videos online and following the instructions.

2.   Focus on technique

Putting a Springfree™ Trampoline together is more about how it’s done than brute strength. If you’re having to use excessive force, check your technique against the videos and instrauctions as it’s likely something’s not quite right.

       3.  Don’t twist the mat edge

If you need to remove a mat rod from its socket, use the same semi-circular technique you used to get it in there, just in the opposite direction.

4.  Don’t give up

If you are having difficulties and require assistance, please call 1800 586 772 as we have phone support available for extended hours.

Springfree Helpline

Get set for a great finish

Your Springfree™ Trampoline is just about ready and all you’ve got left to do is raise the enclosure. This is the part of installation that we receive questions about most often so here’s one last handy tip:

When you push the net rods into the pocket at the top of the net, you’ll feel some resistance near, but not quite at, the top. Check the location of the ball at the top of the net rod and, if it’s not quite at the top, push it past the stictching (refer images below) so that it’s securely positioned at the top of the pocket.  Once you’ve done this with all of the net rods you can start raising the net.

Christmas%20Install%201     Christmas%20Install%202

Every year we hear such great stories from kids around the world squealing with delight at ‘Their best Christmas present ever!”  They still say it years later.

We are even more excited to hear all the excitement from this years suprised and delighted families  when they see their Springfree™ Trampoline.  So go on out and get the trampoline up and get ready for a fun filled Christmas day. And don't forget to share with us using #springfree... we'd love to see your pics!

From all of us at Springfree™ Trampoline we wish you joyful, fun filled and safe Christmas and holiday season. 


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