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We all know how much fun jumping on a trampoline can be but the excitement doesn’t need to end there. With just a little bit of imagination your trampoline can turn into a story telling super space!

The first step before any story night can take place is turning the trampoline from bouncing mat to a comfortable retreat for the whole family. The younger kids will love bringing their doonas and pillows onto the trampoline and it’s a great way to stay comfortable and warm. This is also a great and unique option for sleep over nights and birthday parties. Throw in a few snacks and maybe some popcorn and you have turned the trampoline by day into a comfortable fun family space by night.


Don’t resign yourself to just reading your children’s favourite books though. Why not use the trampoline as a prop to boost the story telling experience? We have many readers who use their trampoline as a rumbling racing car, bouncy space ship or even an ocean going ship depending on the story of the night. The younger kids have amazing imaginations and will get into the whole experience.


Why not use the trampoline to also get the kids acting out what is happening in the story? With a little bit of imagination you will have your children acting out Tiddalick – The Frog Who Caused a Flood or The Tale Of Peter Rabbit. It’s important to remember that what might seem silly to you can create some of the best memories for kids and some all-too-rare family time.


For the older kids we suggest movie nights on the trampoline or even a space for telling scary ghost stories! With a laptop, DVD and popcorn you can turn your trampoline into a comfortable private cinema on those warm summer nights. Again, sleepovers on the trampoline are an exciting experience for kids of all ages that will have them raving to their friends back at school.

Don’t limit your trampoline to just daytime fun. With just a bit of imagination you can turn your trampoline into a whole new world for your youngsters. For more tips on unique trampoline uses, visit Springfree today. 


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