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Although the ground is full of all sorts of nasties which our bodies can be exposed to, there is still the earthly greatness that is our bare feet. In fact, the practice of going barefoot is called “earthing” and has actual health benefits to back it up. Here are some of the benefits of going barefoot:

  1. Healthier feet

When people use their feet and go barefoot, the feet begin to strengthen and get new muscles moving. Waking up these new muscles will help with balance and support by stimulating new neural connections. For those people who walk or run on the beach, going barefoot also helps tone the legs and keep those feet warm.


  1. Greater circulation.

Going barefoot helps wake up those muscles in the feet and legs that don’t get much use. This stimulates blood flow and reduces blood viscosity and clumping, which helps with aches and pains.

  1. Reduces inflammation

One of the most important benefits of earthing is that it reduces inflammation in the body, which is the biggest cause of diseases such as cancer, asthma and diabetes. Apart from preventing diseases it also decreases joint pain and makes feet healthier, which means you can better walk, run or bike. People with joint pain or painful feet might be discouraged to exercise regularly and going barefoot can help eliminate those aches and pains and encourage them to get more physically active.  

  1. Overall greater health

While the physical benefits of going barefoot are great for everyone including adults, parents will be happy to find out that going barefoot is also important for the sensory development of children. Barefoot stimulation with the ground helps to improve concentration, memory and quality of sleep by remapping the brain, all while reducing stress levels.

So next time your kids run out the door and forget their shoes, let them run around and think about joining them. They’ll get the physical benefits of earthing and it’ll help you sleep better that night.




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