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Backyard – The Place to Be!  

Backyard, garden, courtyard, patio, out back…whatever you call it, we believe it’s the perfect place for family fun and togetherness.  It’s the ideal place to kick off your shoes, have a water fight, feel a warm summer breeze and listen to the sound of your kids laughing.

We believe the backyard should be celebrated! And so we set out to find awesome activities for the summer that you can host, front (or back) and center! Our favourite? Backyard Movie Night, a fun and cost effective way to entertain the entire family without having to pack up the car. We’re dedicating this series of blogs to help you host the perfect movie night this summer, guaranteed to wow your family and neighbours! And because we would never ask you to do anything we haven’t done ourselves, we held one a few weeks ago and can say, without a doubt, it has our stamp of approval!  

Here’s what we learned and our tips on hosting your own movie night


Look at the weather forecast. We forgot this step in our planning and had to contend with a cool, windy night. Consider when the sun sets.  It will need to be dark outside to properly enjoy the movie.  We suggest just after sunset. 

Create a guest list & send invitations. Get the kids to help create a guest list. We created these super cute little invites. And we’ve included them in our printable section below.  

IMG 8246 500

Movie Screen

Although you can certainly rent a movie screen for the night, we used a king sized white sheet and found it worked perfectly. To see exactly how we did this, check our DIY Movie Screen tutorial. We’ll show you how to turn your Springfree Trampoline into a movie screen with just a few simple materials. You can also use the same technique on a wall or fence.

Movienight 102 500

Audio Visual

This is the only complicated bit to movie night. But don’t stress, if our resident mom can figure this out, you certainly have nothing to worry about! First, you’ll need to find yourself a projector. You can scoop up a used one online or a new one for about $500. Then you’ll need to borrow the DVD or Blueray player from the living room or use a laptop computer. Set up the projector a few feet away from the movie screen. You’ll want to elevate the projector a few feet off the ground. We used a folding ladder and some plywood to rest it on. If you don’t have a ladder, a chair or table will also work. Make sure the path right in front of the projector is clear so everyone has a good view. If you’ve chosen to use a laptop, you can use the laptop speakers for sound. We chose to attach external speakers (taken from the living room!) for a better experience.

IMG 8368 500

TIP: If you want to avoid cranky kids, we suggest you test the set up ahead of time!

More Details

We’ve got tons of great content and ideas on hosting the perfect backyard movie night. Check our other blog posts for tips on how to arrange seating, decorating ideas and fun activities like a photo booth and a red carpet!  We’ve also included an entire post on the most important movie night snack…popcorn! You’ll also find other recipes for fun and easy snack ideas, as well as how to create your own popcorn bar.

Movienight 011 500

Printables Set

To help make your movie night special we’ve included a free Printables Set. Simply print everything you need to personalize your event, from the invites to the labels.

Printables Full Set 1 230

To download the full Printables Set click here.

One Last Thing

As part of the Backyard Movie Night series, we have also planned some events for all of our Springfree families! We’re happy to announce we will be hosting in store movie nights in each of our stores and everyone is invited! Simply bring your stuffed animals and your pjs and come out to one of the following movie nights in your city! Click on each location for the details and to RSVP to the events:

SC045399 DA NA Movie Night Creative 1200x628

Calgary – June 12 – 4:30-7:30 pm

Dallas – June 13-  5-8 pm (all three stores on one night)

GTA – June 20 – 5-8 pm

Seattle – June 27 – 5-8 pm

Vancouver – June 26 – 5-8 pm


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