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With summer finally here, kids are super excited to be finished school and have the days to enjoy playing outside. However, there are only so many games they can play before boredom starts settling in. Before you know it, the kids are turning to you for ideas for fun summer activities so we’ve created this guide to help keep your kids occupied. With a little help and some set up you’ll provide your children with hours of fun that’ll get them outside and save you some money.


Here’s our guide to Outside Fun in the Sun:

  1. Mobile Sandpit: buy a storage box with a lid (the flat kind that you would slide under your bed).  Fill it with sand and toys, and your kids will be sure to have a blast.  When they’re done, snap the lid on to keep stray cats and rain out.  
  2. Lawn Art: put down an old white sheet on the lawn (you can buy cheap ones at the thrift store) and secure it with long nails or tent pegs in each corner.  Fill small cups with various-coloured paints, and let your little ones go wild with their budding Picasso skills.
  3. Pool Scrabble: if you have a pool, buy several packages of small sponges, and write a letter on each one with a permanent marker.  After throwing the sponges into the pool, the kids swim around collecting the floating letters and competing to see who can form the longest word.  
  4. Sponge Relay: gather the neighbourhood kids and divide them into two teams.  Each team has a sponge which the first player dips into a bucket of water at one end of the yard, then runs across to the other end where they squeeze their sponge into their team’s empty bucket.  When each child has raced, measure the water in both buckets- whichever team has the most water, wins.
  5. Homemade Sprinkler: poke holes into an empty 2-litre soft drink bottle, and connect it to the hose with a male-to-male adaptor from a hardware store. Let your kids get creative with the placement of the sprinkler: hose dangling from a tree, on the lawn, or underneath the trampoline, for example. 

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     6. Bouncy Yoga: watch a yoga DVD inside (or online) for inspiration, then try to copy the moves on the trampoline.

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    7. Bike Parade: get your kids to decorate their bikes with stickers, streamers, and flags.  Hang posters around the neighbourhood advertising the date and time of the parade, and invite other kids to join in.  Watch as they cruise past you, applaud, and take photos.


    8. Backyard Obstacle Course: get your kids to create the obstacle course using skipping ropes, chalk, hula hoops, and any other useful items that are lying around the yard (think hoses, spare tyres, etc), and then time them going through it. Make some variations after a few rounds to make it more challenging for older kids, or simpler for the little ones.

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    9. Picnic in the Backyard: Throw down a blanket and bring a basket of snacks, lunches and yummy drinks and have a picnic in the backyard. Eating vegetables is always more fun outside.


   10.  Host a Car or Bike Wash: Let the kids bring over their bikes or toy cars and have a car wash in the backyard. With giant sponges and lots of bubbles, the kids are bound to have a good time. If they want to upgrade, let them wash your car to their heart’s content.

   11. Twister: make Twister more fun by taking it outside or use some lawn paint and turn your backyard into a huge Twister board. Get the kids to help hose it down after.

    12. Build an Outdoor Movie Theatre: use our go to guide to turn your backyard into a movie theatre and let the kids enjoy their favourite movies outside.


Whatever you do with your kids, make sure they are sun protected and wearing the appropriate clothing and 30+ sunscreen. Not only will you get to spend some quality time with them, they’ll love you even more for playing with them and making their summer more fun!