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When it comes to ‘safe trampoline play’ for our kids, you can never ask too many questions. But there is one question on everyone’s lips: How do I know when my trampoline needs to be replaced?

Let’s start with the age old question, or is that the old age question? How old is your trampoline? This seems like a logical place to start, right? Well, yes and no!

Kidsafe ‘Trampoline Safety Guidelines’ (June 2015) recommend that older trampolines be upgraded so that they conform to the latest voluntary Australian Standards.  

But take this 5 -year old spring-based trampoline.


It underwent numerous refurbishments during its short life, including three new nets and three replacement mat pads (to cover the springs). After all that, this is what it looked like after five years of play. We can safely say that this trampoline is no longer with us. Read the entire story.

So, before we put an age-limit on our trampolines in the name of safety, let’s dig a little deeper and take a look at the overall health of our trampoline with a simple 5-Step Health Check. Remember, always keep in mind how environmental effects like: sun, sea air, wind and rain might impact its overall condition. Like any outdoor purchase, regular maintenance, cleaning and replacement of parts when necessary, means it will age better and last longer. 


5-Step Health Check:

1. Check the trampoline mat and net for holes or tears.

Trampoline with tear

2. Make sure the springs (or the composite rods on your Springfree® Trampoline) are intact, attached and secure.

Rods locked in

3. Ensure the frame is not bent and the legs are attached properly and each sit firmly on flat ground.


4. Check any padding is attached and free of holes or cracks.

Trampoline Pads

5. Inspect the frame and springs for rust, corrosion or deterioration.

If you find that any of these five steps don’t check out, then you need to look at the possibility of either replacing parts, or if in any doubt, replace the trampoline with a new one. If you’re a Springfree® Trampoline owner, then you’re in safe hands with an extensive range of spare parts, so give them a call to discuss any concerns you may have.

If the health of your trampoline has gone beyond repair (or spare parts) and it’s time for a new one, choose wisely, ask questions, do your research and keep these four safety features top of mind:

1. No springs! Yes – this is possible, even though the product you’re purchasing needs something to make it bouncy!

2. No pads – look for a design that doesn’t have springs or a frame that need covering up. The feature to look for is known as ‘soft edge technology’.

3. A strong but flexible enclosure – check for a high quality net that will last, that is held up by flexible poles that can’t be contacted by the jumper.

4.  A heavy duty frame that sits below that jumping surface.

If you find these four things in a trampoline, you’re onto a winner! Trampolines offer so many benefits and most importantly, kids love them. 

When your new trampoline arrives, remember to register your warranty, maintain, clean it regularly and apply the -Step Health Check at least once a month.

Do all of this and your family will be bouncing on it a whole lot longer! 

Remember, age is only one thing to consider when looking at the overall health of your trampoline. The more you invest in safety and quality, and the more love you put into its care and maintenance, the more years and fun you get back.