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The very thought of hundreds of trampoline mats interconnected to create one massive trampoline playground can send shivers down the spine of any parent. Especially those of us who enforce the one child at a time rule when bouncing on our backyard trampolines, which, let’s face it, stems from bad childhood memories of head collisions and bloody noses!

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So then, while we’re becoming more conscious about trampoline safety in our own backyards, how do we feel about the safety of our child in a trampoline park? Visit any trampoline park website and they’ll tell you safety is paramount; they’ll also ask you to sign a waiver upon entry stating that you assume responsibility for any injury sustained in their facility. 

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The Australian Trampoline Parks Association tell us that the ‘Australian Trampoline Industry best practice is an injury rate of less than two for every 10,000 jumpers, which is significantly lower than injury rates within sports like football, netball and soccer’

At the other end of the debate, we are hearing about and seeing more (thanks to YouTube) trampoline injuries, particularly those sustained at trampoline parks. But with the massive rise in new trampoline parks sprouting up across Australia, is it no surprise? According to a recent article in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph ‘injuries among children have increased significantly since the boom in new commercial indoor trampoline centres in Sydney’.

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The good news is, the popularity of these parks is making exercise cool amongst our kids and sparking a renewed interest in trampolining as a sport. Although keep in mind, trampoline parks fall under the ‘Australian Amusement, Leisure and Recreation Association’ and are not affiliated with or associated with Gymnastics Australia.

In light of this renewed passion for trampolining, not to mention the wonderful health benefits of bouncing, the right equipment (i.e. trampolines that meet the voluntary Australian Standards) and proper supervision, jumping can be a safe and fun activity enjoyed by kids of all ages.

So how can we better equip our kids to ensure their trampoline experiences are fun and safe, whether they’re jumping in a trampoline park with 100 other kids or bouncing on their own backyard trampoline? 

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Springfree Trampoline has compiled 8 Tips for Safer Bouncing.

1.    One at a time please! Multiple jumpers significantly increase the risk of injury from collision. Statistics show that with          more than one jumper at a time, the smaller/lighter of the two is almost always the one sustaining an injury.

2.    Don’t flip out! Untrained jumpers run the risk of landing awkwardly.

3.    Avoid roughhousing! Some kids love to play rough and tumble, but this type of behaviour can result in injury.

4.    Keep it clean. Trampolines should be void of foreign objects. Any new object introduced to the trampoline is another potential “hard surface” that can result in injury.

5.    Stand watch. Keep an eye on children and inexperienced jumpers while they are on the trampoline.

6.    Steer clear! Do not allow children underneath the trampoline while someone is jumping.

7.    Stay in control. Stay in the centre of the trampoline. If you deviate during jumping, stop and move back to the centre.

8.    Talk it out. Discuss the importance of trampoline safety with your kids, and tell them about the risks of not using it properly.

Remember, trampoline safety is more than just learning correct jumping techniques and safety practices, it’s also about choosing a trampoline that’s engineered with safety top of mind which is what makes Springfree the world’s safest trampoline.



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