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With Halloween just around the corner, kids everywhere are getting ready to go trick or treating and parents are busy setting up last minute Halloween decorations. We’ve put together this DIY Ghost Trampoline Tutorial to help your backyard be the spookiest on the block!

Ghost Tramp Sm


IMG 7081 Sm

• 2x White Flat Sheets (Queen or King)

• 1 package White Pipe Cleaners

• Black Duck Tape

• Scissors


IMG 7090 Sm

Step 1: Take a corner of the sheet. Bunch together about 1 inch of fabric and twist the center of the pipe cleaner around it.

Step 2: Thread the pipe cleaner through the enclosure net about the enclosure rod to the right of the trampoline door and twist.

IMG 7086 Sm

Step 3:  Moving left repeat step 1 & 2 above each enclosure rod.

Step 4: Using the 2nd sheet complete steps 1-3 moving right around the trampoline.

Step 5: Taking the bottom corners of the sheets bunch together about 1 inch of fabric and twist the center of the pipe cleaner around it.

IMG 7095 Sm

Step 6: Pull the sheet tight and wrap the pipe cleaner around the frame of the trampoline.

IMG 7104 Sm

Step 7: Using the black duck tape create a ghost face and stick it to the white sheet. Be sure to press firmly to make sure it is stuck.

Step 8: For a cool affect at night place a lamp in the center of the trampoline so your ghost will glow!

This DIY cover can be made in any Halloween shape and our friends over in New Zealand actually made a Pumpkin Springfree Trampoline! Instead of attaching sheets to the trampoline, they sewed panels of colored fabric to create the pumpkin effect.

IMG 2638

Looks even better in the dark.


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