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It’s a simple fact: when it comes to sniffing out hidden Christmas presents, kids are experts! So if the very thought of trying to hide a Springfree Trampoline from the kids this Christmas gives you a nervous twitch, then don’t throw in the towel just yet!

Here at Springfree we’ve been giving parents valuable advice on some of the best Christmas gift hiding spots for years! But before we reveal our Top 5 Hiding Places be sure to order your trampoline in plenty of time to avoid the Christmas rush and guarantee you have the surprise to hide! We also recommend knowing exactly where you’re going to hide the boxes before you head off to pick up your order from your nearest Springfree Experience Centre or sign for delivery! This helpful chart will give you an idea of how much room you’ll need to hide and lift your trampoline packaging. 

How much hiding space will you need?

SC056773%20Christmas%20Surprise%20 %20Box%20Dimension%20Chart

Keep in mind, Springfree boxes are brown but they do have an image of the trampoline on them! So keep an eye out for that delivery man and make sure inquisitive eyes are away from the front door.

Here are our Top 5 Hiding Places:

1. In the garage or the shed


The ideal spot for the boxes is in the garden shed or garage, but make sure you cover them with a tarp or an old sheet. Then put a few things in front of the boxes; even add some old stuff that’s been around for a while on top so the kids don’t suspect that there’s something new and exciting underneath! Never forget how good these little eyes are at finding (and ruining) those hidden pressies.


2.  Ask the neighbour

We love this one! It’s the perfect time of year to call in that favour from your friendly neighbour. Ask them if you can store the boxes in their garage or shed - and remember to cover them up just in case the kids go for a visit. 

3. The boat or caravan

If you have someone who can help you lift the boxes into the boat or caravan (and you’re not planning a camping or fishing trip between now and Christmas) this might be another good option for a secret hiding spot.

4. Nan and Pop’s house


Most grandparents have a little extra space to help keep the Springfree secret until Christmas day (or Christmas eve), in fact they’ll probably love joining in on the secret!

5. Up in the roof

Most of us forget we even have space in our roof! But this space can make the perfect hiding spot – just be sure to check the weight for safe lifting!

And for that extra piece of mind, our delivery partners know the importance of keeping the Christmas surprise alive. There won’t be any mention of what the delivery is, but just to be certain, make sure your little bouncers are otherwise engaged or better still not around to see the boxes when they’re unloaded.    

Happy hiding! It’ll be worth the surprise on Christmas morning!