The weather is warmer and the Springfree is getting used more time to get it looking brand new again! It is important to look after your trampoline and with the weather due to be getting nicer, what a better time to do it than now! We’ve put together few hints and tips on how to get your Springfree trampoline squeaky clean this summer:

  • To clean the mat start by brushing the leaves and debris off the mat with a soft brush and then you can start to rinse the mat off. we recommend using either a hose pipe and a soft brush or a jet wash if you have one to hand, however, make sure that you stand around two feet away from the mat to look after the mat. If there is any dirt that is harder to get rid of, you can use water and light dish detergent. Try and avoid using chemical-based soaps on the trampoline mat as this could corrode the material and damage the mat over time. Why not make a game out of it for the kids! Challenge the kids to get the trampoline as clean as possible and see how well they do!
  • Do look under your trampoline mat to check the mat cleats. These are the grey or black plastic sockets that sit in the mat, that hold the top of the mat rods. These could be cracked, deteriorating, or missing. If this is the case, we stock spare parts so sending replacement parts directly to your door is easy! Don’t hesitate to give us a call!
  • The mat rods that sit under the trampoline may also need care and attention. Keep an eye out for yellowing, cracks, and general deterioration. The white sleeve can be affected by the sun over a long period of time, however they can be very easily replaced. To clean these rods, you can use the same technique as the mat by using soap and water or even a power wash just to make it look just like new, ready for summer.
  • We understand that some customers take their FlexiNet down for winter while some chose not to. If you have taken your net down for winter it is time to put it back up, if you haven’t it most likely needs a good clean! A power wash is the perfect solution, just make sure you’re not standing too close to the net when using it. Whilst you are giving the next a quick clean, it’s good to watch out for holes or damage. Due to the design of the net any holes that the pair shouldn’t lather or grow, however it is good to keep an eye on them to make sure that fingers cannot fit through the net and the trampoline is as safe as possible. Nets are available as a replacement part if you do discover any larger holes.
  • The frame is also important and should be monitored and looked after. Keep an eye out for any scratches on the frame of your Springfree trampoline. If you find some scratches it can be repaired using galvanised paint which can be found in most DIY shops; this is important as it will help to limit rust which will help to make your Springfree looking new for as long as possible! If all clear of scratches use a sponge, soap and water to give the frame a good clean.

Always keep any eye on the trampoline for issues and look after your Springfree! If you’ve got any further questions or need any parts for your Springfree don’t hesitate to give our Springfree Experts a call at 01276 477 461.