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5 Best Tips to Create a Christmas Morning Surprise!

Nothing beats the excitement of Christmas morning! But building the anticipation and making sure kids have a Christmas morning surprise is NOT easy. We’re here to help! Check out our 5 best tips and tricks to create the perfect Christmas morning surprise for your kids.

  1. Hiding The Presents 

This is perhaps the hardest part of all. Especially for parents of super inquisitive kids. Make sure to find the best hiding spots in your house to keep the presents away from prying eyes. We’ve got some suggestions for you: Top of the closet (where they can’t reach)

  • Garage or shed
  • Locked suitcase
  • Someone else’s house
  • Cleaning supply closet (they will never look in there!)
  • Trunk of your car

hide the presents

  1. Build The Anticipation 

Build the anticipation on Christmas Eve by tracking Santa’s trip around the globe. For 60 years, NORAD has tracked Santa's journey. It has games, videos and maps for kids to explore. Visit the NORAD Santa Tracker!

Want to catch Santa in the act? Have fun building a Santa trap with the kids. All you need are some bells. Check out this guide to making a Santa trap ornament.

build the anticipation

  1. Be Sneaky 

Don’t get caught in the act putting out the presents Christmas Eve! Make sure the kids are REALLY asleep before pulling out the presents. And take care not to make too much noise that might wake them up.

Did you set up a Santa trap? Make sure not to set it off and wake up the kids!

be sneaky

  1. Leave Evidence Of Santa’s Visit  

Leave signs that Santa and his reindeer came by to get the kids excited. This can be lots of fun depending on how creative you get! Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • Carrots with reindeer bite marks
  • Cookie crumbs and an empty glass of milk
  • Boot marks near the front door or chimney
  • A Santa hat or glove “accidently” left behind

If you’re feeling extra crafty, set up a camera with your kids and film dad dressed as Santa delivering gifts in your house. Or download the Santa Spy Cam app that takes pictures of elves and Santa visiting your house.

santa visit evidence

  1. Present Scavenger Hunt  

Extend the excitement by creating a scavenger hunt for bigger presents! Leave a note for each child leading them on a hunt through the house (or even the backyard) to track down some presents. This will help exercise their brain and keep the suspense going through the morning. Check out this list of 10 ways to create a Christmas scavenger hunt for your kids!

Present Scavenger Hunt

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Now you’re ready for Christmas morning! Merry Christmas and good luck!