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When was the last time you jumped on a trampoline? Was it at a friend’s BBQ this summer, or was it back to your childhood with all of your school friends? Either way there is one thing for sure, once you start bouncing then it is difficult not to smile. There is a clear reason why year after year ‘The Trampoline’ remains at the forefront of outdoor fun and still pound for pound the best investments you’ll make for children’s and adults outdoor enjoyment.


Fun and Fitness

Fun is the number one priority when our children are at play. If we can encourage them to venture into the garden and the great outdoors as frequently as possible then we’d all be happy parents. The way to do that is to create an environment we can ALL enjoy. Trampolines are solely designed for FUN, FUN and more FUN, it just so happens that the by-product of all this fun is fitness, flexibility, coordination and confidence. It’s a no brainer, isn’t it?


No time like the ‘Present’

Who says Trampolines are for when the sun is shining? It is a 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year product that doesn’t discriminate against the weather so neither should we. Designed for all conditions much like us humans so go outside and enjoy it hot, cold, rain or shine. The number 1 Christmas present is a bike, so why not make it a Trampoline this year…


Ho Ho Ho… Laughter for all the family

They say that laughter improves your health and happiness, now we have not conducted medical research (this is where you now laugh) and so we cannot formally confirm or deny that this is true, but… It is nice to think that for every laugh, giggle and smile, life becomes just that little bit better. It’s nice to believe in something, even if for once…


Roll Back the Years

A Trampoline does not discriminate against age! It will welcome anyone with welcome arms. Whether you just feel like sneaking into the garden for in-elegant bounce under the cover of darkness. Or. Your body is a temple and you wish to use the trampoline as a strict fitness venue the benefits are clear to see. For all the fitness enthusiasts out there, who needs a gym membership… 10 minutes bouncing is the equivalent to a 30 minutes cardio workout whilst strengthening your core and using muscles you may not have known exist.


The Impossible Made Possible

If Santa can visit every house in one night then what is stopping us all from daring to dream, being adventurous and trying new things… Have you ever wanted to slam dunk like you are in the NBA or try your favourite film star stunt or even star gaze in an outdoor auditorium? Well you can, in your very own Springfree theatre of dreams. Immerse yourself in your own little world if only for a short while. Make this Christmas memorable for years to come.