A day in the life of Springfree…

So, I can guess what you’re thinking already… “Do you get to bounce on the trampolines all day?” unfortunately, we don’t! That would be too much fun and I can’t imagine much work would get done…

Imagine that though… all that exercise! Bouncing on a trampoline for 10-minutes is the same as a 30-minute run. I’m tired just thinking about it.

Let us introduce ourselves.

The bounce experts or now described as fun consultants... we have Charlotte in Cheshire and Lauren, Natalie and UK Sales manager Steve at our Head Office in Bagshot, Surrey.


Hello!  👋🏼

We’re here to make your experience with Springfree trampoline the smoothest process possible. Whether you’re an existing customer or new to our family, we want you to bounce away happy! (pun intended)

The happy face of our Sales Manager Steve is what we want to see from all our customers!

Choosing the right trampoline for your family may seem easy but when you see how many different shapes and sizes we have, questions come flooding in! 

Whether it’s about preparing your ground, choosing accessories or even asking if you parents can also bounce… we’re here to help.

(see our blog Springfree Trampoline FAQ’S for more info!)


We’re open 7 days a week in both Bagshot and Surrey, either over the phone, via email or on our live chat portal. If we’re unavailable, we’re either speaking with a customer, in a meeting or bouncing outside!

Aside from helping customers with their purchase, we’re also a very busy show site at the back of a garden centre where we allow families to try out the trampolines. Where most people still haven’t heard of us here at Springfree, we encourage everyone to have a jump and to really show you why we’re the safest and best trampoline for your family. 

There are two questions we ask all children… have you been good today? And, which one would you like to bounce on?

The answers always yes (parents say otherwise) and with their happiest grin and pointing finger… they’re soon jumping away on the 13ft Jumbo Round! The biggest trampoline is our most popular show site companion!

However, before you bounce we have a short and simple sign in form for Mum & Dad to say you agree to our jumper rules. No shoes, no flips or somersaults, one at a time and always zip yourself in.

Safety is always number one but of course we want you to have fun!

Just like Lauren did in the snow early this year! 



Our ethos is all about education, helping to reassure families that Springfree is the safest way to play and will stand the tests of time. Guiding families to go safe, go all year round and buy a Springfree trampoline with our fantastic world-leading 10-year warranty!

Throughout the year we like to promote our brand at events such as The Ideal Home Show, Grand Designs and CarFest North and South. For us it’s all about showing you who we are and what we represent.

Depending on the show, we allow families to try our trampolines! And yes, commonly these are on the bases of “try before you buy” however, if you don’t buy… that’s fine too. We just want to show you the fun you can have on the World’s Safest Trampoline and just how bouncy they are without those rusty metal springs! Our trampolines are just as bouncy, if not more!

Here’s the wonderful Charlotte, all ready for her own event at a local School fair in Cheshire. She had a great day and luckily the weather stayed clear!


Our UK Head Office in Surrey is where we process all our warranties. All online claims or registrations however are sent to our Global Head Office in Canada where they can take up to 10-working days to get back to you.

For any warranty queries please don’t hesitate to ask! Either give us a call or email  


And that’s us!


So please pop down to your local trampoline show site and come meet us! We look forward to seeing you!