Looking for the BEST Christmas present? We have it... A Springfree Trampoline!

It’s nearly Christmas! Time to get the fire lit, the cosy jumpers out and the decorations up (if you didn’t put them up in September!). Looking for the perfect presents for your family can be a real challenge, especially when we’re limited to online shopping! Instead of spending hours searching Amazon (other e-commerce sites are available), look no further! We’ve got the perfect solution for you…

Springfree DM333

Here’s why a Springfree trampoline makes the PERFECT Christmas present for the entire family.

  • Years of Fun. Guaranteed.

How many toys have you thrown out because the kids just aren’t interested anymore, or they’ve completely worn it out? Springfree Trampolines are built to last!  We have engineered Springfrees using only the highest quality materials, so your family can enjoy safe outdoor play and make amazing memories all year round. And with our 10-year warranty, there’s no way they’re wearing a Springfree out!

  • Super safe, super fun!

Kids might not be engineered for safety, but a Springfree Trampoline definitely is! 15 years of research and development has led us to re-engineer the standard trampoline design. We have eliminated all of the impact areas which caused most product-related injuries! A Springfree gives the kids hours of fun and memories and gives you peace of mind.

  • Jump All Year

Trampolines aren’t just for the good weather! It may be cold, rainy or, if we’re very lucky, snowy, but you can grab your coat and bounce for joy on your new Springfree trampoline! Make a snow angel on the mat, create a snow castle, play dodge the snowball, and of course, bounce! We have engineered and designed Springfree trampolines so you can leave it out in the garden all year round and enjoy bouncing every day of the year, even in the snow!

Winter UGC heathervanmill

  • Perfect for Playdates

Support bubbles are huge thing at the moment, especially for kids. Someone new to see and play with! And a trampoline is the perfect way to keep them outside, entertained and active, which is super important at the moment. Add a FlexiHoop and they can shoot hoops together. First one to 5 hoops wins a sweet! For the ultimate Christmas, turn your Springfree trampoline into the world’s first smart trampoline with Tgoma to create an amazing interactive experience for the whole family! Tgoma has lots of games to get the family bouncing and learning. Educational games are a great way to make learning fun. Plus TgomaFit allows you to set and track personal fitness goals and jump into a healthier lifestyle! Just a little reminder that the best and safest way to bounce is one at a time!

  • Health Benefits Galore!

Jumping on a trampoline is more than just fun. It boosts your co-ordination, builds stronger bones and is amazing for your heart! The Springfree Mat also cushions you when you land, supporting your joints and preventing injury! Wellbeing is super important for us all, now more than ever. A Springfree can really help, not only with physical wellbeing being but mental wellbeing too for both you and the kids.

  • Makes Your Fitness Routine Fun

Bouncing is always fun, no matter how old you are (yes, we’re looking at you parents). Getting to your usual gym class may not be possible at the minute, but Springfree has you covered! Get outside, enjoy the fresh air and relieve some stress. Ten minutes of bouncing on a Springfree has the same benefits as a 30-minute run! I know which one I would rather do!

Springfree DM348

The world is a strange place at the moment, but we really hope we will be able to offer you and your family a little bit more normality through the most magical time of the year. All of the above information was correct at the time I wrote this, however who knows what will happen in 24 hours?!

Keep smiling, keep healthy, keep bouncing and have the most amazing Christmas!