As a one of the fun consultants at Springfree one of the questions I get asked almost every day is, Which Trampoline shape is your favourite? And my immediate response is always the Large Square. Although it is called the large square it does still have rounded edges so is more of a squircle (and yes that is a real word, we googled it).

The thing that makes our Large Square trampoline so special is the mat. This has been designed with 4 Bounce hotspots built into the mat, meaning that if there was more than one jumper using the trampoline, they will not feel like they are being pulled into the centre of the trampoline. As well as this, we find many families opt for the Square shape as they know both mum, dad and the kids can all bounce together with enough space to play safely… After all trampolines aren’t just for the kids! This makes our Large Square perfect for all ages to use, enjoy and exercise on. Also, with the way our Springfree technology works, you will get an even bounce wherever you jump because each mat rod moves at the same time as you bounce on the Trampoline.

Springfree trampolines are an investment, so making sure the trampoline has longevity within a family is very important. Many families look for a trampoline that will grow with their children as they get older. Springfree Trampolines are built to last, so even if the children are only young, the parents know they’ll have plenty of bouncing space for years to come. And with our industry leading 10 Year Warranty, they know their Springfree will provide their family with years of memories.

Another thing to think about is the quintessentially British Summer garden party. Everybody loves being out in the garden, enjoying the summer sun, so why not enjoy it a bit more with a Large Square Springfree! We all know that parents want peace of mind… and the large square trampoline offers this. We will always recommend one bouncer at a time, however if you are having a garden party and the kids want to bounce on the trampoline, you can rest assured that there’s not only plenty of space but also those 4 individual bounce spots, which will be keeping the kids as safe as possible.

Another great thing about our 11 x 11ft Large Square trampoline is that from corner to corner you get a massive 13ft of length! This is fantastic for children who do gymnastics or love doing flips, tricks and tumbles as they have a longer space to practice. This means they have the space to do these moves safely and of course with Springfree, there’s no need to worry about them falling into the net because our enclosure net will safely bring them back into the trampoline. There’s also no need to stress about bumped heads, as our Net Rods flex outwards when a jumper falls into the net.

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Many people who purchase our Large Square Springfree Trampoline often decide to get 2 of our Flexihoops. Our FlexiHoops are made with the same materials and technology as our trampolines, so no hard surfaces are added into the jump zone. By attaching a FlexiHoop to each end of your trampoline, you can turn your Springfree into a basketball court! This adds another dimension of play to the trampoline and gives children another reason to stay active outside on the trampoline for longer. Keeping them occupied and outside for longer is not only good for getting fresh air and exercise but, gives you some time to start crossing off those jobs on the to do list or better still… have a sit down!

Having the square shape gives children lots or room to move and play, but also means Mum and Dad can also get involved and create some kids v parents challenges! You’re never too old to have a bit of fun!


Our Square Springfree is a great choice for big families who all want to have a go on the trampoline, or families who are experienced jumpers or are gymnastically talented. They are safer for multiple bouncers because of the awesome technology and design. If you ask me…they look pretty cool too!

If you’ve got a Large Square Springfree Trampoline, why not tell us what you love about it the most? Post a pic and tag us on social media with your favourite feature. We’d love to see it!