Dr Keith Alexander has redesigned the trampoline from the ground up, and has made jumping safe. Most people’s first concern with a trampoline is that it isn’t safe. That’s not true. In fact, Springfree is the world’s safest trampoline!

Our springless patented design has not only changed the way trampolines work but eliminated the impact areas that cause 90% of all product-related trampolines injuries. And here’s how…

The Springfree story started with Dr Keith Alexander. He had a daughter with his wife and, when she was old enough, he decided it was time to buy her a trampoline. His wife said no due to the dangers and risks that come with traditional trampolines. Each year more than 105,000 kids are hospitalised due to injuries from traditional trampolines, and that’s just in the USA! So, as a Professor of Mechanical Engineering and a dad, Dr Alexander set out to make the world’s safest trampoline. 

Dr Alexander revealed three major impact zones on a traditional trampoline, which would have to be engineered out to make the world’s safest trampoline:

  • The springs
  • The steel frame
  • The ground 

The springs were replaced with flexible composite mat rods that lie beneath the jumping surface out of harm’s way.  The steel frame was hidden under the elevated jumping surface making it impossible for jumpers to come in to contact with, and the FlexiNet Enclosure helps cushion jumpers and prevents falls to the ground.

To make the world’s safest trampoline, high quality components are vital. The composite rods are insanely strong, in fact they are 3 times stronger than steel! They are made from the same material that Boeing use to make their aircraft and are now being sold to the construction industry to replace rebar and reinforce concrete. Fun fact: over 200 million metres of composite rod is manufactured each year!  The jump mat is a 4 x 4 weave, improving on the standard 3 x 3 weave, of protected Nylon giving a great bounce and retaining elasticity. The Jump mat also features a SoftEdge which is gentle on little toes but 30 times more shock absorbent than pads. The frame is comprised of 12 gauge galvanised, powder-coated steel, which is 3 times thicker than a traditional trampoline frame and is impervious to rust. On top of all of this, the whole trampoline is UV coated to Australian standard, the highest standard in the world!

 In a test by unbiased and independent consumer groups CHOICE and Consumer NZ, our Medium Round trampoline was the ONLY trampoline to pass all safety tests. Plus, we were the only one that had no major safety failures! The other 6 trampoline tested either failed structural tests, didn’t protect the user from impact on the frame or enclosure, or had dangerous head entrapment problems or pinch points. 

Springfree is committed to ensuring your family gets years of fun out of your Springfree trampoline, so on top of all of the above, we offer a world-class 10 – year warranty on the WHOLE trampoline!