In my job as a Fun Consultant for Springfree UK, I get to spend all day with Springfree Trampolines. We help customers try and test the trampolines to find the perfect fit for them and their family, and we also get talk about them a lot! (which is probably our favourite bit) But when it came to writing about my favourite shape of Springfree trampoline, it truly was a tough call to choose between all of the shapes! But after much deliberation, oval trampolines definitely won me over. And here’s why…

What’s so great about oval trampolines then?

Oval trampolines have become one of our most popular shapes since they became mainstream, and they are the ultimate hybrid of round and square trampolines. They have two main advantages. Oval trampolines have a width of 8ft (the same as our smallest trampoline!) but are 11 or 13 feet long, depending on the model you choose, offering a massive amount of bounce space. Their size and shape makes them perfect for longer, thinner spaces, such as inner-city gardens! Oval Trampolines are also great for square gardens as their shape allows them to be positioned to one side, not wasting any of your precious garden space! As well as this, rather than having a ‘pull into the middle’ effect of a round trampoline, the technology in Springfree Oval Trampolines gives the bounce mat two distinct ‘Bounce Hotspots’ which, when jumped in, provide a more even, balanced bounce.


Are Oval Springfree Trampolines good for gymnastics?

Oval trampolines are also really popular with more experienced bouncers and gymnasts! Their long, thin shape allows more space for tricks, flips and tumbles. When bouncing, all of the mat rods work simultaneously around the mat, giving a powerful, even bounce. The yellow strip around the edge of the Springfree SoftEdge Mat allows jumpers to locate the edge of the mat in their peripheral vision, which can help the jumper find the centre of the trampoline when landing! The Enclosure Net is also an important part of the trampoline when practising gymnastics, as it guides stray jumpers back towards the centre of the jump surface. Should a jumper fall into the net, they can’t be injured by the exterior net rods as they flex outwards, away from the jumper, to cushion the fall.


What else can you do on an oval trampoline?

Oval trampolines allow you to add new dimensions of play. This is made especially easy (and fun!) by Springfree. Simply attach two Springfree FlexiHoops to your Oval Springfree, one at each end, and you have awesome basketball court. Perfect for shooting some hoops! FlexiHoops are built with the same materials and design concepts as our trampolines, so no hard surfaces are added to the jumping area. They’re great for kids (and adults) who want to practice their slam dunk! As well as basketball hoops, Springfree also sell an amazing interactive accessory called Tgoma, which stands for Taking Gaming Outside and Making it Active. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Four sensors on the trampoline mat connect wirelessly, via Bluetooth, to a tablet. Using the body as the controller, the sensors track you bouncing creating an interactive experience. Tgoma has games and apps for everyone, including educational games for the children, as well as high-energy and fitness programs to exercise the both the body and brain. This accessory really does increase your families time outside and allows you to truly make the most out of your amazing Oval Springfree Trampoline.


The Oval Springfree Trampoline is a great all-rounder. No matter the size of your garden, the size of you family or how experienced you are, the oval is the perfect fit for all.