Sitting in the Springfree sales hot seat for so long, we get asked “what size trampoline should I get” all the time.  Choosing the right trampoline is a bigger part of your purchase than you think… Here at Springfree trampoline we want to understand more about your family before helping you pick your new garden best friend. 

You could choose a spring-based trampoline which is a little easier on the wallet in price but we know parents want to buy a trampoline that’s safe, valuable, made of the highest quality and the best of all... designed to last.

So, this is where me and my team of Springfree experts come in! We’re on hand 7 days a week to answer those difficult size and shape questions. We’re proud to say we’ve yet to find a question we cannot answer!

Most people believe the traditional shape trampoline is round, but Springfree offer two other shapes; oval and square. So, this may also be a factor of confusion in making the right decision!

Here’s a few things to consider before going through the Springfree trampoline range:

  • Garden space and surrounding
  • Age of children
  • How many would be bouncing at one time (Although the safest way to bounce is…one at a time!)
  • Budget


Picking the right size trampoline for you and your family

It’s important for us to know how many children and adults will be using the trampoline at any one time.

Yes, following safety standards we have to tell you only one child at a time. But we know this doesn’t always happen so, Springfree have designed their trampolines very carefully in ensuring multiple jumpers are safer with limited risk of injuries.

By giving the trampoline “hot spots” where creating areas on the jump mat that provide a more even bounce so you’re less likely to gravitate into the centre. Round trampolines have a central hot spot, Ovals have two and our Square has four.

The “hot spots” aren’t anything you can see on the trampoline and you don’t have to jump in those areas, they’re simply there to be safer for multiple bouncers.

The number of jumpers on your trampoline depends on which shape we would recommend.

The bigger the bounce space, the safer the bounce space.


How to pick which shape is right for you

This does depend on the type of bouncing your children will be doing. Are they energetic and enjoy bouncing high? Do gymnastics? Or are they younger and just like to jump?!

The chart below should help you eliminate and pick the right size.


Garden space is crucial. Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole is not fun just wastes your time! Grab your tape measure and see what space you have, both length and width. It’s just like a game of Jenga!


It’s also important to check your garden surroundings when selecting your Springfree Trampoline. Do you have a fence or is there a brick wall bordering your perfectly pruned garden?

We will guide you through this process ensuring you have enough “clearance space” surrounding your Springfree trampoline, so you know it’s the correct fit for your garden.


If positioning your Springfree trampoline in your garden is taking more time than it should, you should consider the outer surroundings and not the inside.

For example, having a fence or brick wall surrounding your trampoline can impact the size due to being considered a “hard impact area”. Having any other objects like a shrub or bushes in the surroundings are considered a “low impact area”.

With the flexi-rods around the enclosure net, these flex out if your bouncer was to fall into the net. So, you need to have a clearance space between your trampoline and your fence, brick wall, shrub etc.

From the mat to the fence, brick wall or even your garden shed you need at least 3 feet.

From the mat outwards towards your beautiful shrubs, 2 feet will be fine.

If you’re lucky enough to have a big garden with no surrounding restrictions, you won’t need a clearance space.

So, there we have it! In a nutshell, the elements of choosing the perfect size Springfree Trampoline for you and your family.

For any further questions, why not put us to the test and visit our contact us page? Or, give us a call on 01276 477461.

We’d love to hear from you!