Your mother probably told you this when you were young, and you’re still hearing it!

But there’s a good reason! No denying kids love to play together; it’s a very natural thing. We’re social creatures after all! However when it comes to jumping on your Springfree Trampoline, one at a time is the ONLY safe way.

Now Springfree don’t mean to sound like the Grinch of playtime but unfortunately 17 % of trampoline related injuries still occur due to the collision of more than one person jumping at a time. At Springfree, YOUR SAFETY is our priority – after all, that’s why we created the Worlds Safest Trampoline!!


A Springfree Sleep Out

There are so many other activities you can do on your Springfree – add chalk and it becomes the world’s coolest hugest chalk board, grab your story books and soft toys and it becomes a great quiet place to curl up and read, or our favourite – grab your sleeping bag and do some star gazing or even have a sleep out! There are heaps of safe play activities you can do on your Springfree, just remember that one at a time is the only way to ensure you’re safe!

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