Over the years trampolines have increased in popularity and it’s easy to see why!

They create so much fun for all the family and really put the spring in your step... and yes Mum, Dad and Grandma, we mean you too!

They’re great for daily exercise or just general fun on a daily basis. But owning one... where to start?!

Choosing the right shape is more important than you think and it’s not just about aesthetics or size.

Round trampolines have always been the traditional and standard shape trampoline. After the many years as a Springfree expert, I’ve found many pros and cons to Round trampolines, many facts that you probably didn’t know about.

As round trampolines are more common, they tend to be more affordable and fit all size gardens. Springfree Round trampolines start at £895 for the smallest; 8ft Compact Round upsizing to the 10ft Medium Round at £1,095 leading to our biggest; 13ft Jumbo Round at £1,495.

Each one of our Round trampolines are different but the one similarity it’s the main bounce hot spot in the centre.

If you’ve been a part of our wonderful Springfree family for over 8 years, you may even be a proud owner of an old favourite… the SF90 12ft Round. It’s easily identified with a green frame and white enclosure flexi-rods.


So, about that bounce hot spot. What is this you ask? All round trampolines, both Springfree and spring-based have a central circular bounce spot designed into the centre of the mat. It’s nothing you can see and you don’t have to restrict yourself and only bounce in that area of the trampoline… it’s magic.

What does it do? It creates a more even bounce so you’re less likely to feel like your falling into the centre.

If you’re a gymnast or an enthuastic urban rebounder and you love exercise, round trampolines are fantastic at helping with your stability. When doing tricks (the safe kind!) on the trampoline, the central hot spot redirects you into the middle helping your coordination in landing. Who knew?!

You’ll notice at any of your gym classes that all urban rebounding trampolines are round. This because you get a more consistent bounce which absorbs most of the force and lessens the impact on your body. Urban rebounding classes are popular when it comes to exercise as it gives great results… bouncing on a trampoline works all the muscles in your body at the same time, improving your balance and coordination without the risk of wearing down your joints.


Difference between round spring-based trampolines and Springfree trampolines

Aside from the obvious with no metal springs to having springs, the two trampolines have roughly the same qualities.

With round trampolines, the rods/ springs are equally placed around the diameter of the jump mat. By having them spaced out so evenly, this gives you a softer bounce.

Size wise, the spring-based trampolines are the same size if not smaller than Springfree trampolines. Traditional trampoline sizes range from 6ft which is more of an indoor rebounder trampoline for beginners, to 14ft garden trampolines.

Garden trampolines can either be above ground or in-ground, either rectangular or round. Again, due to size of most UK gardens and popularity, the round in-ground trampolines are more popular and are always spring-based.

Do Springfree do in-ground round trampolines? In a nutshell, no. Springfree believe that when your trampoline is flush into the ground, the ground then becomes the impact area. Most in-ground trampolines do not come with a safety enclosure so if you were to bounce out of your trampoline, you’ll have less time to react and prepare yourself for impact.

Some parents go for the in-ground trampoline for aesthetic reasons… not having an enclosure net staring them through the kitchen window! But a safe trampoline is a fun trampoline and sometimes those safety nets can be fun to bounce into!

So, doing your research on your new family trampoline may seem daunting, the words might look and sound the same but the shape can really make the difference!

If you’re a proud round trampoline owner and want to shout it from the rooftops, share your experience with us! Springfree love nothing more than seeing happy families, happily bouncing on their favourite garden trampoline.

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Just don’t forget… take your shoes off, zip yourself in and let the fun begin!