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Being a kid should be about playing outside, drawing pictures, geez jumping on a trampoline – not worrying about how you look, or what boys think.

We all know that kids are growing up too fast these days, but results of scary new research shows kids are growing up even faster than we think.

Our entire office was shocked with the timeline University of Monash researchers presented. Literally, forget the plastic high-heel shoes, pretend lipstick and little-lady handbags; child development expert’s claim that girls are entering their ‘teen years’ at the age of six wanting branded clothes.

This article then goes on to claim that by seven girls want their hair styled, by eight they feel the need to diet and then proceed to feel pressured to express themselves sexually.

Here at Springfree™ Trampoline family values is of the upmost importance and we felt a little bit of discomfort reading this research. We debated whether this topic was appropriate for us to blog about, but at the end of the day this research is news, it’s out there and we genuinely would like to hear what others think about this topic.

According to Dr Louise Newman, Professor of Development Psychiatry of Monash University, girls are worried they won’t get boyfriends and start defining their self worth by the age or 9 or 10.

Why has this trend only started to appear now in this generation? Is it the endless exposure to uncensored mass media or the type of role models in modern society?

This puts a whole new spin on the frequently used phrase ‘they grow up way too quickly’! Would love to hear what mothers think about this?
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