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We’re pretty excited there’s more public encouragement for consumers to look for safer ‘spring-free’ trampolines.

Today, one of Australia’s most widely circulated newspapers the Brisbane Courier Mail features a story “Jumping for Joy carries a warning”.

Springfree™ Trampoline’s patented FlexiNet™

Journalist Rod Chester, reports the QLD Office of Fair Trading is looking forward to seeing the recommendations of the recently announced NSW inquiry into trampoline safety (which we blogged about a couple of weeks back).

Dr David Eager, considered Australia’s preeminent expert in trampoline safety, is quoted in the story as backing a push to make Australia’s voluntary trampoline standard compulsory.

And the result of the NSW inquiry could be the first step in this compulsory direction.

“… Most of the [trampolines] sold don’t comply with the safety standard”, continuing that even if pads are used to cover sprints, they are “useless” and give people the “false expectations they’ve got something that is safe”.

The story concludes “The safer trampolines are spring-free, and have soft-edged mats and high nets to stop children falling off”.

And who’s the only trampoline in the world that’s ‘spring-free’ – that’s us, Springfree™ Trampoline!

So with up to 16,000 kids annually admitted to ED departments, we say the fact others are now suggesting consumers choose the safer option – well, that’s pretty good news.


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