Who can believe it’s December again already?

2009 has flown by, with some fantastic highlights for Springfree Trampoline around the world:

  • Secured retail presence at Canadian Tire, available in Spring 2010
  • Opened our first global retail outlet in Sydney Australia
  • Appeared on America’s Got Talent – used by “Acrodunk” as part of their stunt set
  • Featured in a major national news television stories, featured as a safer trampoline choice
  • Displayed for sale at Harrods of London
  • Endorsed by the assistant coach of BEST rugby team The New Zealand All Blacks (yes, I declare my Kiwi history with this one)
  • Worked with major promo partners including; Channel 9, Cottees Cordial, Westfields, and Roadshow Entertainment – to name a few

So because it gave us a laugh, and we wanted to say “Merry Christmas” – the Australian Marketing Team “Elf Themselves”.

Have a watch and a laugh on us. Merry Christmas – we’re looking forward to an exciting 2010!

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