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With 4.41 Million children under the age of 16 in Australia we are in the midst of a baby boom and high-end retailers are reaping in the benefits. Not all but many of these super stylish kids are sporting the likes of brands such Gucci, Dior, Burberry, Kenzo and Marc Jacobs.

According Kellie Hush from Essential Style, GenXers feel fine about spending their hard earned cash on making sure their little ones are wearing up-to-date fashion pieces. She says that it’s a scary reality that 3 year old Suri Cruise is a style icon.

This is reflected in Country Roads sales for kids wear over the past year. According to BRW Country Roads Children’s range accounts for 10 per cent of all sales and in the past year grew by 30 per cent, twice the rate of the adults range.

This is not suprising to me to at all! My sister, mother of a two-month-old baby girl loves shopping at Country Road and dressing up Tia in Designer Clothes. Just this morning Tia was by far the best dressed at Breakfast, sporting a pink Ralph Lauren jumpsuit!

Tia is obviously unaware of her stylish ways, however Tanya, our Assistant Marketing Manager says both her boys (9 & 7) are very brand conscious and already shopping for their own clothes, negotiating with the hairdresser over style, and requesting Mossimo thongs.

Where do our Springfree™ Trampoline Mothers like to shop for kids clothes and how much influence do your kids have in the buying process?

Source: Sydney Morning Herald, Essential Style.