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back to school

If you are like the mothers in our Springfree™ Trampoline office, I hope you had a wonderful Australia Day covering text books! We are so excited for the kids to be going back school. We are even throwing a party to celebrate.

But not all kids share our excitement. It can be daunting going into a new year, new classroom environment, getting a new teacher and meeting new friends. All this ‘new’ can be very scary! For others, this can be super exciting. Either way the kids need to adapt from their lazy summer sleep-ins to their new routine of uniform, breakfast, school.

So to make the transition from jumping on their Springfree™ Trampoline all day to being at school here are some tips from our very own Springfree™ SuperMums.

Start the routine early. Ease the kids into the routine slowly so it’s not as stressful on the first day. (This is for you more than the kids!)

Early Bed times! Kids get extra tired in the first couple of weeks, which can mean emotional outbursts. A little extra sleep each night especially in the first couple of weeks can help.

Give kids a breakfast suitable for an Ironman and ensure all snacks are healthy and nutritious. Lots of carbs and extra fruit snacks in their lunchbox help keep the energy levels up during the transition to school.

Remind and encourage kids about all the exciting things they will get up to at school! Art, field trips & playing with friends at lunch time always seem to strike a positive chord with kids.

We love hearing advice and tips from mum’s alike so please share. What tips do you have to ease the transition of going back to school?


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