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Research proves that children who engage in creative and active play may grow up to be healthier adults. I know it’s not the most ‘surprising’ revelation of recent times but these findings really bounced out at me since we are running the ‘Colour Me Crazy’ drawing competition at the moment which is all about encouraging your kids to express their creative side.

University of Ulster researchers surveyed 505 young adults who provided information about their health and their childhood play experiences. Four types of play were found to be associated in different ways with adult health. The kids who engaged in higher levels of play predicted good healthy habits such as eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercises.

Adults who had time limits on play as youngsters were more likely to be overweight and live a less-healthy lifestyle.

The study was to be presented April 14 at the society’s annual conference.

What type of creative things do you get your kids to do?


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