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I received a link to a very cute YouTube video this week, showing a 5-year-old girl talking the emergency services through a crisis happening in her house – her father is struggling to breath and needs an ambulance.

Your probably thinking ‘cute’ would not be the best word to describe that sort of situation, but if you watch the video you will see why I describe it so.



As cute as it may be, there is also an important message in this. How would your kids react if presented with a situation like Savannah? Have you educated your kids on what to do in an emergency, what numbers to call and how to act?

This lesson could be the difference between life and death.

The Triple Zero Kids Challenge is a great tool in educating your kids in an engaging way.

The game is aimed at 5–10 year-olds and uses colourful, animated characters in nine interactive scenarios to provide lessons to children on the confident and appropriate use of Triple Zero.

Children will learn the important information they need to provide to operators, such as:

• Which emergency service they need help from,

• What the nature of the emergency is and

• Where the emergency is happening.

Try it out for yourself first

Do you have any tips or suggestion that you have found work well in teaching your kids about emergencies?


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