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The Springfree™ Trampoline is not just for the kids. It’s one of the most beneficial physical activities, combining fun with a high cardio work-out, making for a lean and tone body.

NASA did some research and here are their findings:


1. Trampolining uses twice the oxygen that treadmill running does – improving fitness and burning calories.

2. Its effective at rebuilding bone and muscle mass after periods of weightlessness, which will of course work equally well for the average punter.

3. Offers a time efficient way of exercising because you can get all the benefits of normal training in half the time on the trampoline.

10 minutes of vigorous Jumping is the equivalent of a 30 min run!

4. Stimulates your lymphatic system, your circulatory system, your digestive system, your reproductive system, your brain and your entire body without trauma to your musculoskeletal system

So this afternoon, why not pop out into the backyard for a 10 minute bounce – Your body will love you for it :)


Keeping Britain Bouncing!

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