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The backyard should be a safe space for families to play and be active - but accidents can still happen at home. A study released today by the Journal of Pediatrics says that one U.S child dies every five days in a portable pool during the warm-weather months. Approximately 100,000 kids are sent to hospital every year in North America due to injury on a spring-based trampoline. Here are some easy tips to keep your family safe during the summer months:
  • Lawn equipment is loud, making it tough to tell when children are nearby. Keep those under 12 inside until all motorized equipment is put away.
  • Avoid putting play equipment close together. Springfree Trampoline recommends leaving 4ft of space around the trampoline to allow for safe use of the trampoline enclosure. Stationary play equipment should have a clear zone of at least 6ft in all directions.
  • Make sure children stay at least four feet away from the barbecue long after the food is ready. Also, check for embers blown from the grill; they could scorch little bare feet.
  • At pool parties, designate one adult to be the "water guard". Rotate the position among the adults at the party to ensure one adult is always responsible for watching the children around water.
  • Sunscreen. It's the easiest thing to forget before running out the door but 2 minutes of applying sunscreen will help protect tender skin!
  • Supervision is always required.
Be sure to leave us your tips in the comments and have a safe and beautiful summer! For more discussion, visit our new Facebook app on parenting issues: Hear It. See It. Speak It.