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As Hurricane Irene approaches the east coast in the US and Canada, Springfree Trampoline wants you and your family to keep safe. In a storm, wind can pick up the trampoline mat and carry it away, posing a danger to the safety of families.

We definitely don’t want THIS to happen to your trampoline:

First and foremost, assess the situation. If you anticipate SEVERE and EXTREME weather, the trampoline should be moved to a sheltered location or disassembled.

For inclement weather, the absolute best guard for your Springfree Trampoline is our Ground Anchor. The anchor is designed specifically for the Springfree Trampoline and will keep it safely and securely on the ground. This product has been tested against competing products in various conditions to achieve the highest pull out force.

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Here are some additional tips to keep your Springfree safe in inclement weather:

  • Collapse the FlexiNet. Remove the white C-clips and pull the net rod out of the socket. This takes less than 10 minutes to do and will prevent your net rods from catching high wind.
  • Secure the frame. Although the Ground Anchor is the best accessory for securing your trampoline frame, you can use sandbags or a generic anchor kit from a hardware store to ensure your trampoline will stay put in a hurricane.

Remember: any trampoline that is not properly anchored has the potential to move and become airborne during severe weather, potentially causing injury and/or damage. Stay safe by taking preventative measures.

To learn more or to purchase our weather accessories, visit: Springfree Accessories (US) / Springfree Accessories (Canada).

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