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Earlier this year, Springfree Trampoline was featured on Family Caregivers Unite, an online radio show hosted by Dr. Gordon Atherley.

Steve, our Chief Bouncing Officer, and Rosemarie, a happy Springfree owner, discussed how Springfree Trampoline can benefit children with special needs. You can listen to the radio show here.

Steve spoke about how Springfree’s safety features add a huge value to the overall health benefits of trampolining. There are a number of health benefits of trampolining and he believes trampolines should exist to create a peace of mind for parents, rather than pose dangers to children. According to Steve, “[His job] as the Chief Bouncing Officer is to create a paradigm shift: to change the definition of the trampoline”.

Rosemarie is a mother of four very energetic boys. Her boys use the Springfree Trampoline every day with all of their friends and neighbours – usually, the problem is getting them off the trampoline! She says the trampoline is a great motivating tool for her boys to get their homework done. It’s also one place where her boys will take the initiative to sweep, which gets them involved in household chores.


Rosemarie’s youngest son, Giuliano, who recently turned 7, is a child with autism and is as energetic as his older brothers. He is sensory sensitive and dislikes noise, which makes the Springfree a perfect trampoline for him. Because there is no squeaky springs, Springfree trampolines are silent when you bounce. Rosemarie says Giuliano can spend hours jumping with pure joy on his face!


Funny enough, one of his favourite jumping activities is listening to “La Bamba” on the iPod. Rosemarie credits this new quirk to the fact that jumping opens him up and energizes him. It encourages Giuliano to try out activities that he would never do otherwise and helps him take positive steps forward.

Rosemarie says with the FlexiNet zipped up, she has no fear that her kids will hurt themselves. She stands back and watches them enjoy themselves in their safe haven.

Springfree Trampoline has been welcomed by autism, cystic fibrosis and Downs syndrome communities as a fun and safe way that children can exercise and receive therapy.

We’d love to hear if you’ve had any first-hand experience with trampolines for children with special needs. Tell us your story!