Round trampolines have always been the standard shape families choose as their favourite. But why... does it give you a better bounce? Are they safer? Or do they fit into most gardens better? Everyone’s preference on shape changes, however kids’ trampolines don’t! They are still super fun, super bouncy and at Springfree, they’re also super safe! (We also have a 10-year guarantee but who’s counting?!)

We like to think we know all there is about round trampolines, I mean after all, we have 3 fantastic models to choose from. Each made from specialist materials to ensure they are durable, flexible and of course safe, putting parents like you at ease when it comes to garden play.

With so many options to choose from, we have shared a few facts about our trampolines which will help you choose which Springfree trampoline would be perfect for your family.

What is the best part about a round trampoline?

Round trampolines are great at obeying the rules. Having one central bounce spot in the centre, it makes it easier to stick to one jumper at a time.

This rule is part of Ofsted’s policy, and every trampoline retailer will tell you the same, but stepping aside from being the fun police, we allow you to make your own rules in your own garden!

Another fantastic fact about round trampolines is they come in more shapes and sizes. We have 3 different sizes at Springfree: the 8ft Compact Round at £1,095, 10ft Medium Round at £1,295 and our largest trampoline the 13ft Jumbo Round at £1,695.

Take your pick! They are perfect for garden play all year round.


The R54 8ft Compact Round is the smallest in our range and would offer a smaller bounce so is an ideal trampoline for young children or a bouncing beginner.

Fun fact: An 8ft round trampoline was also the most popular size kids trampoline of 2021!

The R79, 10ft Medium Round would be perfect all round (pun intended). It’s not just a kid’s trampoline, its designed for adult use too! It has 79 square feet of space for you to throw all kinds of shapes safely.

Our R132, 13ft Jumbo Round, it’s kind of along the lines of... “the man, the myth the legend” only with a trampoline! It is the newest in our range, joining the Springfree family in 2017 and is known to have the BEST bounce.

For those who love to jump high or practise their gymnastics and tricks, this trampoline has your name written all over it!

Being the largest trampoline, we would recommend purchasing two of our Ground Anchor kits to ensure your investment is protected from all angles. 


Now, something we don’t specialise at Springfree are for you enthusiastic gym goers. You can use a mini round trampoline, or trampette as their called, not just for fun but to help keep you fit and healthy.

The act of jumping on a rebounder (mini trampoline or trampette) is a full body work out. Whilst that sounds tiring and potentially an extra expense, it has so many extra benefits than getting you out of the house and being sociable.


That’s a big yes from us! So, are you ready to jump to it?

Trampolines don’t have to be another purchase you feel are too expensive or will be left to sit outside unused. Let’s get our grip socks on and give it a go!!

Or, if you’re already a proud owner and want to shout it from the rooftops, we’d love for you to share your experience! Why not tag us in your Facebook or Instagram or send us an email.

Just don’t forget… take your shoes off, zip yourself in and let the fun begin!