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We love hearing from our fans! Here's a note from one of our owners. A mom of 5, including a daughter with a leg amputation, Elizabeth was glad to offer her family fun without the injuries.

Here's what Elizabeth had to say:

As a mother of 5 and a healthcare provider I could not be more pleased with the Springfree trampoline. One of my children has had an amputation of her right leg; my husband and I were concerned about getting a trampoline because of the springs and the potential danger of her stump getting caught in the springs or her falling off. The Springfree trampoline was the solution we needed. Not only did it meet the criteria of not having springs to contend with but it came with an enclosure that was secure offering optimum safety to keep our kids from falling off/out of the trampoline.

We now have worked the Springfree trampoline into our daughter’s physical therapy routine. It allows her the ability to work on her balance, while having a great time with her siblings outdoors. We have also included in her routine the use of the Springfree basketball hoop. Its ease of use is amazing, simply attach to the trampoline and allow the kids to have a great time playing basketball. The jumping and balance our daughter has to use while holding the basketball is important to her gaining confidence in herself.

We could not be happier with this product. We go through a lot of toys and activities in our home and this system has withstood the test of time. It has made it through Ohio winters and all of our children who are on the trampoline daily. I would highly recommend the Springfree trampoline and its accessories to anyone who was looking for hours of fun to have in their own backyard!


Elizabeth Galbreath, MSN, FNP


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