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It’s the spoooookiest time of year!
That’s right, Halloween is upon us and the most exciting part about this haunted holiday is dressing up in fun, creative and innovative costumes!
Here at Springfree we’re big fans of standing out against the competition so we thought we’d compile a list of some AWESOME costume ideas for your little ones that will blow each house they ‘Trick or Treat’ at out of the water! Here are our top 10 picks this year:
1. The Littlest Lobster
2. Carl from the movie Up!
3. A Grande Vanilla Soy Latte from Starbucks 
4. Mini Audrey Hepburn
5. Sushi anyone? 
6. A Pretty Peacock
7. A FedEx Box – the perfect way to collect candy! 
8. Elliot & his friend E.T.  
9. Forrest Gump & Lieutenant Dan
10. A Bag of Popcorn & A Concession Worker – perfect for mom (or dad) and baby! 
What are you being for Halloween this year? Share your creative costume ideas with us in the comment box below!
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