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It was my son who informed me that I had purchased the wrong trampoline for our family.

“Mum, does our trampoline have springs,” he demanded, accusation in his eyes.

“Um, yes,” I responded tentatively.

“Because I just saw an ad on the TV and mum, springs are bad and dangerous and not good.”  Mummy-fail 173,980.

I thought I was doing the right thing when I purchased our trampoline five years ago. I made sure to get a large trampoline that could cope with the weight of several children complete with padding and netting. There’s no way they could be injured on it.

Here’s a list of things that have gone wrong so far:

  • The padding constantly dislodges, exposing the springs;
  • The kids hurt themselves on the exposed springs;
  • The netting comes lose and my five-year-old FELL THROUGH IT;
  • My niece got her hair caught in the springs;
  • The padding and netting has to be replaced each year due to wear and tear.

Well so much for that.

Like most parents I had the best of intentions. I did my research, found what I thought was a safe choice and chose a design that fit into my budget. But when you consider the fact my children and nieces and nephews us it daily, I probably should have spent more and researched better.

My son was right when he questioned the choice I had made.

Sometimes I feel like my job as a parent is to imagine all the different ways my children could be injured and killed whenever I make any choice for them, then choose the safest option. ­But sometimes I don’t even think of some of the dangers that emerge later.

We can never relax. We can never let our guards down. It’s exhausting.

The trampoline I chose may present the illusion of safety, but it’s just an illusion.

Obviously this had to be rectified.

My children could become professional product testers. They play hard, they play fast. They think of ways to use things that I’m sure stunt doubles do on a daily basis.

I have a Springfree Trampoline on its way to my house and I’m looking forward to watching my children try and push it to its limit.

But first I have to get rid of the old one.

Jo Abi(1)


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