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“Say, I’m so happy, I feel like Bouncin’!” – Tigger 

Now that the Holidays are over it is important to re-establish an active, healthy, productive routine for the entire family in order to kick the year off right and finish it stronger and healthier. Getting everyone in a healthy, active mindset right away keeps the energy positive, gets the endorphins flowing and motivates the whole family to think healthy thoughts every day. 

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It is essential for kids to keep moving and keep learning the fundamental movement skills necessary for many activities. It is just as important for adults to keep moving as athletically as possible in order to maximize their health and minimize the risk of injury. Certainly, athletes need to train for their sport but it is also crucial for those not involved in specific sports to be able to develop love for a healthy active lifestyle and understand the importance of eating well and moving well. 

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Here are some tips to help get you and your family get on the right track for 2014.


Why not start by having some family Springfree jump time every day. This is a great way to get the whole family moving, keep everyone away from technology and have fun, together. The benefits of Bouncin’ are not just for Tiggers. 10 minutes on your Springfree Trampoline can:

  • Increase in muscular strength and bone health
  • Increase joint stability
  • Improve overall mobility and athleticism
  • Improve posture, balance and coordination
  • Improve cardiovascular conditioning
  • Maximize Blood flow to help eliminate toxins
  • Mostly, Bouncin’ is just fun!

2. Make an Appointment to Move

Accountability and scheduling is the best way to ensure that you keep everyone in your family active and focused on specific goals. Find the things that everyone in your family is passionate about and register them for things they love to do. Team sports like hockey, soccer and lacrosse are obvious choices but there are amazing alternatives for all ages and abilities. Give your family a chance to have some unique experiences as that may be slightly off the radar like Horseback riding, Hip-hop, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Fencing, Diving, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding or Speed Skating.

Be creative, mix-it up and find new ways to move and have fun for everyone in the family.

Making choices to walk or bike instead of driving, take the stairs when there is an elevator, or watch the game at the gym instead of on the couch may seem obvious but the key is to make them part of an everyday routine. Put together a simple body weight exercise plan for the family that you can all do together while watching TV or a movie can be a fun way to do both. 

Get%20your%20family%20moving Kid%20climbing%20a%20tree

This sounds simple enough but is not always top of mind these days when thinking of things to do. Television, video games, and computers often come to mind before a trip to the park, a bike ride or a hike with the family. Cold winter weather gives us a chance to mix in new fun ideas like skating on a pond, skiing/snowboarding, Snowshoeing, and Tobogganing.

A good old neighborhood game of street hockey and a snowball fight can get the whole street involved! 

Ok, who is ready for some Bouncin’?

Get%20your%20family%20moving Springfree%20Jumper


Author: Jeff Roux