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Technology has brought a whole new world to our children, and some of them live a life we can barely recognize as the life of a child.  The thing is, sometimes the old-fashioned recreational activities we loved as children hold the same allure for people growing up now, and often provide more entertainment than any video game could ever muster.  One of the best that comes to mind is the joy of jumping on a trampoline.

Here are 5 reasons a trampoline makes a great addition to your child’s lifestyle:

1.  It’s Good for Them

These days, there are not a lot of recreational activities your kids are just dying to do that are also healthy for them.  A trampoline keeps them jumping around, working their muscles and cardiovascular systems. 

They’ll be reminding you of what kids were like when you were growing up and you might find it hard to even pull them off.  You won’t be chasing them out of the house; you’ll be chasing them back in for dinner. 

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2.  Hours of fun at home

A trampoline is the kind of thing that will make them want to stay and play at home. Playdates are less of a challenge now as having friends round to jump on the trampoline is great fun and a little hangout for them and their friends.  The safety assurance of a Springfree™ Trampoline gives you the  It’s comfort to know you can just zip a child up in the trampoline and let them play.

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3.  Outdoor fun is good for them

Just like a trampoline keeps them healthy because they are being active, it also gets them away from the screens and out into the yard, enjoying fresh air. 


4.  It’s Good for You!

Let’s be honest, we all wish we were young when we see our kids doing things our bodies now find a challenge. Jumping is not one of those. Get out on that trampoline too. NASA discovered that 10 minutes of jumping is the equivalent of 30 min run. Now that’s efficient use of your time and no matter what, that feeling of defying gravity is always fun! So get out onto the trampoline and have a good bounce. All Springfree™ Trampoline models can support the weight of an above-average adult, and there are all sorts of ways to turn it into a serious exercise regime.  I say just get to jumping and be creative.  It brings out the child in you, and trust me, you’ll get your heart pumping faster than you think.

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5.  Years of fun

Trampoline fun is great for any age, investing in a good quality trampoline should give you not hours of fun, but years of fun for all your kids. From the littlies getting their coordination right, up the teenagers who do all the daring moves, right up to dad who can keep his body in good shape.


Choose a trampoline that works for the space you have in your yard and one that can be enjoyed by all. This is why Springfree™ Trampoline have a range of 6 different shapes and sizes to suite all homes and families.

Who doesn’t like to see their kids have a blast and just be kids for a minute?  A kid’s trampoline is nothing but pure fun.  Everything else is a side benefit.  You get all the reward you need when you hear them laughing the day away outside your window.


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