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Ooooo October! The month of spook-tacular fun is upon us! What could be better than a whole month dedicated to dressing up in crazy, spooky costumes?! Then add in the sweets, trick-or-treating, watching scary movies and Halloween parties and it literally doesn’t get any better!

If you have been talked into hosting a spooky Halloween party for your kids and their friends this year, then fear not – check out these GHASTLY ideas for throwing a party they will never forget mwuahahahahaaa!

Creepy music, dimmed lights with spiders and ghosts? Superheros and sparkly witches? Whatever theme you choose for your Halloween party, these parent hacks will earn you all the brownie points whilst getting you all in the spooky-spirit and ready for the best Halloween ever!

Halloween Blog

Spider Webs: With some glitter glue – either clear or coloured - and a few sheets of wax paper, these webs are so easy to make! Using the glue, draw out the shape of the web (you could even sprinkle it with more glitter if you wanted). Let it sit overnight and shake off the excess glitter, allowing it to sit and harden for another two days. Once it has fully dried, peel the web off the wax paper and use to decorate tables, windows, mirrors and anywhere else that you can think of!

Diy Spiderwebs Halloween

Bloody Handprints: While you might not want to use your best guest towels for this, your kids will definitely love this craft.  Get them to help by dipping their hands in red paint and leaving their “bloody” handprints on a towel.

Bloody Handprints Towels

Hanging Bats: Using black craft foam and some googly eyes, these bats can be hung outside or attached to staircases or walls.

Hanging Bats

Halloween Lanterns: There are heaps of tutorials online to make these super cute – ahem, we mean super scary, ‘mummy lanterns’…and if mummy’s aren’t your bag…there are similar tutorials to make pumpkin versions too! They are guaranteed to light up your Halloween party!

Halloween Mummy Lanterns


Now for some Halloween party food ideas!

No Halloween party would be complete without a buffet of yummy, spooky snacks! We found these amazing food ideas that are sure to give your guests a fright!

Finger Dogs: With a few strategic cuts and some tomato ketchup, these hot dogs will make your guests think you’re serving real fingers for hors d'oeuvres.

Hotdog Fingers

Mummy Pizzas: These cute – erm, we mean creepy little pizzas are so simple to make with just a few slices of bread, pizza sauce and some strategically placed slices of mozzarella cheese and olives. Place them in the oven for a few minutes for the cheese to melt, and you’ve got a simple and easy kid friendly treat.

Mummy Pizzas

Spider Oreos: Kidscan make these spider Oreos all by themselves by opening up the Oreos and laying strawberry laces across the cream filling to look like spindly spiders-legs! Close the Oreo back up, add on a couple of Smarties for eyes and hey-presto! You are all set to scare the wits out of all your party guests!

Oreo Spiders Halloween

Apple Teeth:  Apples, marshmallows and some peanut butter is all it takes to make these scary looking teeth. Cut the apples into slices and use the peanut butter to stick the mini marshmallows between the two slices.

Apple Marshmallow Teeth

Now that we’ve shared our favourite ideas for a perfectly spooky Halloween party you are set to go! We’d love to see you using some of our ideas if you do – tag us on Facebook @springfree with your best super spooky party pics!