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Dawn Fraser may be an Olympic legend and Australian icon to us, but to six-year-old Jackson she is just his Grandma and a popular one at that after his recent sixth-year Birthday celebration. Like Dawn, Jackson suffers from Asthma and as a role model for Jackson and thousands of children around Australia; she is proof that there are no barriers to living a fulfilling and active life!

Dawn Fraser, Jackson and The Jumbo Squircle

Dawn Fraser, Jackson and The Jumbo Squircle

“I’ve been teaching Jackson how an active lifestyle can help combat his illness, and this was one of the reasons why I wanted to get him a Trampoline. To keep my Asthma under control I started swimming and for Jackson trampolining is something that he loves to do and is great for his health at the same time,” Fraser Said.

“Jackson has wanted a trampoline since he could walk and talk but in the past living in Sydney we lacked the space and not to mention the dangers and all the stories you hear about children seriously hurting themselves. My daughter Dawn-Lorraine came to me and said that Jackson wanted a trampoline for his birthday and I was very hesitant even though I could see the physical benefits with jumping until I came across the Springfree Trampoline.”

Dawn-Lorraine was once the Executive Director of New South Wales Trampoline Sports Association where she played a pivotal role in getting trampolining into the Olympic Games (Olympic Success must run in the Blood!) She was already convinced after witnessing a number of trampoline injuries that she had to get Jackson the best in safety and she has every reason to have these concerns. Statistics show that traditional trampolines cause over 6,000 admissions to Australian hospitals each year.

Dawn, Dawn-Lorraine and Jackson

Dawn, Dawn-Lorraine and Jackson

“I tried to tell Mum about these Springfree Trampolines that I had come across but she didn’t really understand how a trampoline could bounce without springs! We went and visited the Springfree showroom on the Sunshine Coast and when we saw the trampoline design we were convinced. You cannot put a price on child safety especially Jacksons and the Springfree’s are amazingly safe,” Dawn-Lorraine said.

Jackson is now the proud and very happy owner of the newest and biggest Springfree model called the SF80 Jumbo Squircle.

“Jackson goes out and has a jump on his Springfree before school and after school every day. Springfree’s Jumbo SF80 has a huge area for him to jump, run and roll around in and I even love getting out there and having a jump too. Mind you I am exhausted after 10 minutes of jumping so I don’t know how the kids do it!”

“All of Jackson’s friends think that his house is the coolest now because of his Springfree and they all come over and take turns and I love that! I would rather have the kids in my backyard under my supervision than out playing on the streets,” she concluded.

Dawn Fraser officially calls the Sunshine Coast home now to be with her Dawn-Lorraine and Jackson. Although she has to travel back to Sydney regularly to fulfill her work commitments with NRMA and the West Tigers, she gets to enjoy ‘Grandma Time’ with Jackson every afternoon at 4:30 and Dawn couldn’t be happier. As for Jackson becoming a swimming superstar like his grandmother, Dawn said he is extremely active and coordinated little boy and he can choose what he wants to do. At the moment Jackson loves his soccer, nippers and little athletics. Watch this space; you never know Jackson may become Australia’s next champion Trampolinist!

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